Friday, March 9, 2012

First entry, an introduction

Being new to the world of blogging I thought I would start with a quick introduction and an outline of what I aim to discuss on this blog.

I am an Oracle DBA with 20+ years of experience, covering a wide range of business areas and database functions. Over the years I have come to specialize in performance tuning and capacity monitoring. These are areas that are both interesting technically and challenging in how you communicate with other teams around the business.

Over the course of this blog I hope to share a few technical tips and tricks and investigate some aspects of performance that too often get neglected.

I also want to open up a discussion on how DBAs can be more effective in bringing about solutions to problems. In many applications the database is a central point that everything passes through. This gives the DBA a unique insight, but this insight can only be of benefit when we communicate effectively with the other teams involved.

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